It all began when we wanted to find a way to decorate our UGGS.  We started making different kinds of flowers and attaching them to our boots. We had a flower for each day of the week. When our friends started to admire them we started making the flowers for our friends and when they got even more popular a local store wanted to carry them. When they sold out the first day we needless to say were very excited. We knew then we had something special. And that's how"  Blossomz" was born.  Someone to Know Story on TV News.


While visiting a friend's  mom ,confined to a nursing home, we realized how the bouquet of flower in our hands while walking through halls brought smiles to the  residences sitting alone along the hall.   We realized how just a little bit of color in their often drabby lives brought a bit of sunshine to their days.  This is when we came to the conclusion that we could actually make a difference...even in our small way. 

So for every blossom sold we share our colorful blossom with a senior in need of a little brightness.. And to make sure their smiles stay healthy we also share instructions on proper oral hygiene and an oral hygiene kit......but more importantly they share their precious smile with us and it never fails to warm our hearts every single time!

A LITTLE JUICE PROJECT                

Over time we also realized, although these senior had teeth but they weren't strong enough to enjoy the benefits of fresh vegetables and fruits.  And that is how A Little Juice Project ignited.  With the help of local grocers and profits from Blossomz we are able to share freshly pressed juices, just like the ones my grandmother and mom have been making for us, since we were little.   And, with dehydration being one of the biggest health hazards for seniors in nursing home, the juices pack a bigger punch, not only providing the vitamins they need, but also the hydration they thirst for....... 



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coffee crawl

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the book

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